Sunday, July 21, 2013

Helping Savannah be sweet

Craig was feeling distressed because Savannah had been doing things to irritate him all morning. You know things like insisting that he have a gogurt even when he didn't want it, or telling him his name was Ted even after he asked her to stop, or not sharing the marshmellow's from the lucky charms, universe altering situations.  So he was feeling distressed and after she left the room I tried to help him feel better. I explained that she was probably just wanting attention and when she was naughty we spent a lot of time talking to her so she probably was just trying to get our attention.

Craig said "oh" in his very matter of fact way I was about to go on to explain positive reinforcement and attention when he said "Mom! I know what we can do! We can make sure to give her lots of attention when she's being sweet because when we were giving her lots of attention she was pretty much always sweet!"

He is constantly amazing me with how much he actually thinks about and reasons through what I say to him. I love to see his mind at work and hear his conclusions about things.

Then Savannah walked back into the room with a smile on her face and headed for the table where we were sitting. As soon as Craig saw her he said "Savannah I love you! You're so fun! I love it when you play with me and when you laugh and when you play cars with me and race with me and read stories with me! I just love you Savannah!"

She giggled "Wow Ted, that's a lot of options!" Then she gave him a hug

Melt my heart. Count on my 5 year old to remind me of the important things and inspire me to do better. I love my kids, I love my sweet Savannah. I'm so happy that I get to be their mom and learn from them and watch them grow and develop. We have our rough days and the times when I just want to throw in the towel and give up. Days when I don't want to hear one more whine or one more scream or one more "MOM!" But it's moments like this that remind me it's not about being perfect. It really isn't. It's It's about loving each other and trying to do our best.

I have to remember that my little ones are little scientists, learning experimenting and finding out all about their world. They need to experience cause and effect they need to see success and failure they need to feel happy and sad and learn effective communication skills they need to feel free to have an idea and follow through on it, they need to be free to live life! I need to remind myself that my success as a mother isn't based on their 100% model behavior. They NEED to be kids that means lots of trial and error, and THAT means I'm doing my job right. It means a lot of hard days and lots of 'now what?' and 'I'm at a loss right now! What do I do?' but also a lot of hugs and laughter and happiness too.

It's a good thing that good people, good moms and good kids don't have to be perfect, otherwise this would be a hopeless journey. And I don't think God intended it to be that way. I think he wants us to be happy and full of hope. And how on earth are we supposed to be happy if we're constantly feeling like a failure because we're supposed to achieve something that is impossible?!

I have a great family and I take comfort in the fact that great does not mean perfect.

Monday, April 8, 2013

When I'm a Daddy

Savannah: "when I'm a daddy I'm going to work go to work with daddy and help him make jewelry!"

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Family Pictures... Always an adventure

Pretty little faces

In their own little world....

With their own plan...

Don't play with your hat Craig, Savannah can you smile?

Oh THAT'S why you're playing with the hat. Jason, don't grab.

I'll stop Jason you smile! At the CAMERA. 
Thanks for the cheer Savannah but I'd love to see your pretty smile.

Yes, upside down smiles are try a smile!

Perfect Craig, now try it with your eyes OPEN! 

haha! Thanks for opening your eyes Craig. That's very open.
(What are Savannah and Jason fixed on?)

Jason couldn't let the big guys have all the fun!
This seriously makes me think of a grandpa turtle! haha!

 Love her cute little face!

And every once in a while you catch that happy laugh.

And a sweet moment.

And after all that we ended up with this... 
Still some gazing off in the distance but at least we all look happy.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Jason's cheer

Whenever Jason just happy this is what he does. He always points with his right hand and makes a fist with his left. So cute!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Underwear Wars.

Seriously Savannah, You don't have to change your underwear AND pants EVERY TIME you to go the potty! Really, you don't! We have pants and underwear strewn all over the house. Clean ones! That makes for a lot of laundry!

She'll come streaking out and say "they were just a tiny eeeeeny weeeeeny bit wet!" (which means they were dry. or she got a drop of water on them from washing her hands.)

She is very very much potty trained 100% no accidents no messes no problems there... just the intense love of never wearing the same underwear for more than 2 hours at a time and the love of streaking through the house, and never being in contact with anything that is even the slightest bit nearing the realm of possibly damp.

I'm all for being clean but this is ridiculous! What do I do? How to I encourage and show her how proud I am of her accomplishments and yet save my sanity and our laundry load. And get her to stay dressed?!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

oh the places you'll go...when you're chasing a ball

All the kids were happily playing so I saw my chance to get the dishes done. I snuck in there and started putting things away but only seconds later I heard Jason. Of course when I came to find him he was under the table. He had chased a ball behind the highchair under a chair and over the brace bars of another.  He was perched on his stomach on top of two bars reaching for the ball.

yes he has figured out the secret, just get mom scared for your life and you'll have her undivided attention.

He is such a fearless climber these days I have to watch him closely. He loves to pull up on anything he can find, the couch, chairs, my legs, piano benches... and today he spent hours climbing back and forth over me while I played in the floor with Craig and Savannah.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kid Talk

Craig and Savannah both had some pretty awesome words of wisdom for me today.

Savannah and I were talking about Jesus and how He is our brother and He is big (like daddy and grandpa!) and I asked her "Do you know where He lives? In Heaven!"
"No" Savannah said "He lives at the Church"

It made me smile.

I'm still chuckling about Craig's epiphany today. He was working on his homework writing down B's and I could just hear him giggling and singing a little song but I couldn't hear what it was so I went over closer. He saw me he said "Mom! Guess what! You know about uppercase B's? An uppercase B is an uppercase P..... With a BABY! See!" Then he showed me by drawing a P and then adding the baby bump. It's true. I never would have thought of it that way, but it's true. Now I'm going to smile every time I see an uppercase B.